I had never worked with Lori before. But on a recent project her book surfaced to the top. After a preliminary phone call, I could tell she was a real pro and gave the project the same attention to detail that I had.  Having been in this business for 35 years I’ve worked with photographers who are great shooters, but a pain to work with. I’ve also worked with photographers who have a great attitude, but the shots aren’t as good. Lori is a rare breed who is both great to work with and gives you great shots. Lots of them. The job we worked on was quite complex. The print shoot was part of a larger TV production. I couldn’t be in two places at once. But after our first meeting, and just an hour of working together on the set, I had full confidence in her ability to pull it off. She was a great help, and took a lot of pressure off me because I knew she would come through with a lot of coverage and beautiful shots. Even the director (who usually find photographers on their set to be a problem) was very complimentary and impressed with Lori. After just this one shoot, I highly recommend Lori and her whole crew as great partners and problem solvers. Lori is not only a wonderful photographer, but she is also a really nice person. 

— Gregory Elkin,
Creative Director, Y&R Advertising

Lori, working with you and your team is always a special experience. I am so thankful to you.  You, and your crew are by far one of the best all around photo/video teams on every level as well as the hardest workers and most genuine people I have had the pleasure of collaborating with.   Your expertise and skill were vital every step of the way,  and what you brought to the campaign in work, was multiplied with personal care for our project and team members.  The respect and understanding you showed always and the points you made to address, listen and be in every moment, with all those involved was crucial to keeping the cohesive dynamic.  Your attention to detail and being able to adapt to changes and wrenches into the production is what made this all work.  You took a creative campaign and made it come to life on a level that we only dreamed it could be.  Working with you surpasses expectations. Cant wait to work together again! 

— Dawn Kleidon,
VP, Senior Art Producer at FCB Health

I have worked with Lori and her team on several projects and the level of commitment and efficiency has been outstanding on every single one. Lori is exceptionally talented and passionate about her work - - - she doesn’t just capture the shot, she captures the experience.  In this industry, we are often faced with short time lines and sometimes tight budgets, but without fail, Lori has pulled it off and been a joy to produce shoots for. I honestly can’t wait to work with her & her lovely crew again!

— Liz Long,
Producer, Aspen Productions

There are photographers. And then there are “artists” who live, breathe and define all that most photographers work to capture. Lori Adamski Peek and her incredible crew are the latter. Over the years, we have worked with several photographers – many of them brilliant, in their own right – but Lori and her team go far beyond. Their passion and commitment is obvious, from the first meeting with them, to literally standing in the trenches as they contort into all sorts of positions to find lens. Her optimism and can-do attitude is reflected in everything she does, and makes even the toughest shoots a total pleasure.

— Karen Ross,
Head of Broadcast, Anderson DDB Health and Lifestyle

As a creative leader, one of the things I most appreciate about Lori, is her level of professionalism, collaboration, kindness and humility. How she leads and mentors her team is inspiring, and she engenders the same traits. She is generous with her knowledge, and I have learned volumes working with Lori and every member of her team (yes, each and every one of them excels in their craft).

— Jed Smith,
Senior Director of Creative, Athleta

When you first view Lori’s photographs, you immediately get a sense of warmth, vibrancy, and energy. When you meet and work with her, you realize that Lori has the same attributes as her work. I had the privilege of partnering up with Lori in her hometown of Utah to photograph patients with a rare disease. During the vetting process of choosing our photographer, we had spoken with many talented artists, but it became clear that Lori was the right choice for our project. Her overall approach to the assignment was spot on; especially in knowing how to photograph patients that aren’t experienced models and making them feel comfortable on camera. Lori was ever the gracious host, showing us around Salt Lake City throughout our time there, and all the while giving us great shots for our campaign. As an art director, I found Lori to be super collaborative and easy to work with. Even with our multiple setups and tight schedule, she would never stop shooting until my clients and I were completely satisfied with the results. In the end, Lori and her crew delivered on so many facets; a fun and professional shoot, and stunning work that we couldn’t wait to get back to the agency to work with.

— Wai Ng,
VP, Art Director - FCBCURE, an FCB Health Company

There aren’t enough words to describe the experience I had working with Lori. Or there are too many, because it’s taken me a long time to whittle my thoughts down to a digestible bit. 
I will admit to be a bit skeptical when my producer recommended I speak with Lori about working together on a complex, highly conceptual project. I love her work, of course, but what we needed seemed to be outside her area of expertise. Let me say that after 2 minutes on the phone with her on our initial call, I realized how dead wrong I was. 
It was immediately clear that Lori was more than up to the challenge. Really, more than up to it. She understood what we were trying to do and without hesitation offered multiple technical ways to accomplish it. Not only that, without prompting, as if she read my mind, Lori saw this as an opportunity to create a piece of art. 
From the moment she was awarded the job, Lori set out to do just that. She assembled one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with. In record time among many other details, she held casting sessions to find the perfect talent, managed the building of three enormous sets, created inspired lighting reminiscent of a dutch master and kept me from developing an ulcer. 
What could have been a nightmare turned into one of the easiest, most enjoyable shoots of my long career. And, the work was exceptional. The client ended up with an affective campaign. The agency won awards, including best unbranded campaign, along with nominations for best photography. And, I ended up with a dear friend, 
I can’t wait to work with Lori again. She proved, without a doubt, that there’s nothing she can’t do. 

— Julia Glick,
VP, Associate Creative Director at FCB Health