Winter and Spring – All in One Shoot

When looking for scenic snow locations for New Balance Women the team came to the conclusion that there is almost no better place then my hometown of Park City, Utah, home to the “Greatest Snow on Earth”.      Although we had a banner year and lots of snow on the ground our shoot days were sunny so we also brought in an incredible snowmaking crew to help us create the the illusion of snow for the shots where we wanted snowfall.   It always amazes me how realistic fakesnow looks!NB Screenshot

New Balance stores using images from winter shoot.

New Balance stores using images from winter shoot.

Making it Snow on Park City's Main Street.

Making it Snow on Park City’s Main Street.





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One of the amazing things about shooting in Utah is that you can shoot summer/spring shots in Salt Lake City and winter shots at the ski resorts on the same day.  Day one we shot springtime training shots at the University of Utah football stadium and day two we were on top of a mountain at Deer Valley Resort (with walls of snow) and on the famous Park City Main Street (home of the Sundance Film Festival).  Utah is nothing if not diverse in its scenery.
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