Update from Down The Fence filming

Lori and part of the team recently made another visit to Reno, NV and the largest competition of the year, The 2015 Snaffle Bit Futurity, to catch up with the subjects of the”Down the Fence” documentary and to finish filming and continue fundraising. Lori said that the show was so good that she’d choose any of these shows over any of the events at Pepsi Center.

It was a great week being surrounded by true cowboys and cowgirls  and magnificent animals. Seriously, some of the most beautiful horses you will ever see. Lori competed and won in the Non Pro Limited Select division on her 4 year old Spooner.  Big props to the boss for making huge strides in a relatively new sport for her, no surprise to anyone that knows the competitor she is.


photo:Lori Adamski-Peek

Speaking of competitors, we have to congratulate  Jake Telford and Erin Taomino, who also happen to have prominent roles in the documentary. Jake and Erin took the Championship and Reserve Championship (First and Second place) titles in the highlight event of the Futurity which had 230 entries. While Jake came out with a fantastic run in the third event, the fence work, which vaulted him into the top spot, Erin followed directly behind him and blew the doors off the barn with an incredible run and the highest single run score any of us have ever seen leaving her a mere half point behind Jake.


gif:Chris Jameson

After coming painstakingly close several times, this was Jakes first time winning the top prize, and we couldn’t be more happy for him. As is the case of most everyone we have met and gotten to know while shooting Down the Fence, Jake and his family are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Congrats Jake!


photo:Chris Jameson

The film is on its way to being a finished project, but we still need financial help to get there. We are finished with the filming, editing is almost complete and we are negotiating music rights, composing the score, recording the voiceover, colorization and attending to many other post production details  Keep an eye out for an announcement of our second kickstarter to raise the final funding needed to finish this great story.  Fingers crossed and toes crossed big time!