Thailand Spectacular

One of my very favorite longtime clients is Athleta. Over the years, the team and I have traveled to some amazing places with Athleta, including a trip to Croatia last spring. This past fall, we packed up all the gear and headed off to Thailand with the folks from Athleta and a bunch of really fantastic models.

This was my first time in Thailand and I was totally bowled over, and not just by the heat and humidity, which were oppressive. The landscape was so shockingly green, especially coming from the dull tones of late autumn in the mountains.




It takes a long time to get to Thailand: a connecting flight to Japan, then another six hours to Bangkok, followed by road and sea travel to the island of Koh Samui.

Thankfully, the hospitality of the ridiculously lovely resort of Kamalaya helped us shake off travel fatigue pretty quickly. Everything at Kamalaya was so fresh, organic without even trying to be; it was definitely our most healthful shoot to date. We shot quite a lot on the resort grounds, which are lush and varied, and made for ideal backdrops to showcase Athleta’s product .


We also shot at a rustic Buddhist temple, passing by the more ornate, gilt temples in favor of this simple, authentic space. The friendly monks welcomed photos, but are forbidden from any physical contact with women.


One of my best memories from the trip was shooting from the back of an elephant. I grew up riding horses competitively, so felt totally at home on the warm back of this huge, lumbering animal.

The final images are part of Athleta’s Spring 2011 campaign and are currently on display in their two existing retail stores in San Francisco and Mill Valley, California, and should be up soon in the upcoming NYC store!