Stonewear Designs

Over the years Lori Adamski-Peek and team have been blessed to travel to some very remote and beautiful locations around the globe, often met with outstanding weather conditions that help whatever production we are on run smooth and be so successful in the end….. This was not the case recently when we took on a project in our own backyard. Shooting for two days in Ogden, Utah and Antelope island located by the Great Salt Lake with our first time client, Stonewear Designs, a woman’s clothing and apparel line for active life,  we were met with some of the craziest conditions we have ever come across.

Our scout day quickly became a working production day as we watched inclement weather bearing down on us. As we raced to gather our team together to beat a spring snow storm headed our way, our first challenge awaited us at location number 1…bugs. Thousands of bugs. Gnats. Teeny, tiny, numerous, biting gnats had recently hatched ahead of schedule due to unseasonable weather. We prepped the best we could with mosquito nets and coverage of any/all sorts to fend off the hungry insects. Unfortunately for our brave and talented models, the nets had to come off when the shooting started, but our team did all we could between studio fans and leaf blowers to shoo the pests away. We managed to survive the invasion and come away with some great shots, ahead of the first wave of the storm.
We moved up to Ogden, UT the following day and were lucky enough to be slated to shoot all day indoors, as it was a downpour combined with sideways wind for the majority of the day. While we missed having the beautiful natural light we are so accustomed to, it was nice to stay (mostly) dry for the day. Following a full day of shooting somewhat protected from the elements and away from an insect invasion, we headed back to the outdoors the next morning and were met with our final weather challenge, spring snow!  Grey conditions and sideways snowflakes couldn’t keep up from finishing strong, so we battled through the morning and managed to capture our final images to make the production a wrap.
Big thanks to the team at Stonewear Designs, our local production team, and all the talented models for fighting though some adverse conditions to help us come away with some great imagery once again! It’s not always sunshine and beaches, but it sure helps you appreciate those days when it’s not!

Bug_Net1 Stonewear_UT_FW15_CJ_U2600 Stonewear_UT_FW15_CJ_U4299 Stonewear_UT_FW15_CJ_V3168 Stonewear_UT_FW15_LAPF5796