Sierra Quitiquit for Fresh #SportYourSugar

Lori and team spent a couple of days hanging out and skiing with Sierra Quitiquit in Park City and Alta, Utah. The end result was a post from to Get Inspired by Amazing Athletes and #SportYourSugar.  

Lori directed and shot the ski video along with Mike Schirf and Fernando Venegas on an Alta powder day.  The next day Lori and Fernando shot video, Lori and Chris Jameson shot stills, Patrick Thompson recorded sound, and Ben Fonnesbeck handled digital for our day in Park City.

Thanks to Chris Jerard from Inkwell Media and the team from Fresh for putting together this fun project in our backyard.

Be sure to check out the video along with the stills.

This video and other motion projects are on the video page of our website:

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 4.21.36 PM

Sierra Quitiquit for Fresh #SportYourSugar