Shooting On Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

In my two-and-a-half decades working as an advertising and editorial photographer, I’ve been fortunate to shoot in some incredible locations ranging from Argentina, to Greece, to New Zealand, to Panama, to my own hometown of Park City, Utah. Last May, my team and I traveled to one of my new favorite places, Croatia, for a still and video shoot with women’s activewear brand, Athleta.


I’ve been working with Athleta since before 9/11, and so I feel really close with its awesome creative team, which on this shoot included art director Gregg, producer Rachel, stylist Amber, hair/make-up wizard April, and of course, the irreplaceable Jed. One of the best things about working with Athleta is that they select these unique, visually compelling places all over the globe to shoot. The locations provide such a candid setting for highlighting their products, that rarely do we need any props.

As is the case in all of our trips, the weeks preceding our departure to Croatia found my two longtime assistants, Ben Fonnesbeck and Chris Jameson, and I obsessivley planning our gear selection. After so many remote shoots, we’re very deliberate about packing exactly the gear we need without lugging along anything extra or unnecessary. Even so, a complex shoot like this one necessitates a lot of stuff. We are definitely those people at the airport that you do not want to be behind in the check-in line!

After discussing whether we wanted to get Greek ferry passes from for a quick layover trip. When we decided there wasn’t enough time – Ben, Jess, Chris and I flew into Split, a 4th century city along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, a few days early for our own shoot. I totally fell in love with the blend of ancient and very modern that defines Split. So many smaller European cities get overlooked, but Split is one not to be missed. Thanks to the only talent agency in the city, we found a couple of lovely local models, one of whom claimed to be the number two male model in all of Croatia (a Balkan Zoolander?) and ended up with some fun shots that are completely distinct from our work for Athleta.


In addition to photographing amid all the history of Split, we spent a week shooting on the nearby island of Hvar. While the scenery and climate were both idyllic, what struck me most was the casual community interaction. The rhythm of everyday life is very different than our own, and the constant interaction between neighbors—relationships that have likely been going on for centuries—created this natural sense of community that is absent from the lives of many Americans.

Some shots of the crew in action


The final images and videos from the Croatia shoot appeared in Athleta’s Fall 2010 catalog and on its website:, but here are a few of my favorite out takes:

The next Athleta shoot took place this past autumn in Thailand, so I’ll be back to share some stories and photos from that experience soon.


I love my job.