Athleta, Summer 2013 shoots

After a great Holiday break and end to 2012, Lori Adamski-Peek and crew jumped right back into the thick of things with another great production, shooting the Summer 2013 book for one of our favorites, Athleta. This years Summer shoots saw us capturing great images in both Belize and the Northshore of Oahu! Once again, we count our blessings each time we head out with our amazing teams as we travel to these excellent locations to attempt to create some fun and fresh imagery for our client! Over the years of shooting for Athleta, we’ve managed to fine tune our crews, combining several strong individuals into a cohesive unit that works smooth from before sun up, to well past sunset! We have to thank everyone involved again and again, as we feel fortunate to work with so many great people. Here’s a quick look at those involved!

Our Teams in Belize and Hawaii

  Team Northshore

Our Fearless Creative and Art Directors, Jed and Beth



The digi techs, keeping it all together, Ben and Jess



The backbones, our assistants Erica, Fernando, Jake, and Steve



Our makeup and Styling teams, April, Brynn, Teresa, Suzy, and Veronica



And just some of the hired muscle!



All involved worked tirelessly through the days, battling some fairly intense weather days filled with wind and rain, to produce another great catalog that we are all proud of!



Keep an eye out in your mailbox for the Summer book coming your way, and if you have a chance, check Athleta out in person at one of there many new retail outlets around the country!