It Takes a Village: The amazing crews behind amazing images

  Photography is an interesting craft because it rests on the power of one image – one single frame to convey an entire story and human emotion. And one of the things that I think is widely unknown about professional… Read more

Down the Fence on Netflix

Film Festivals and NETFLIX!!!!!

After three crazy years in the making, one year of film festivals and a humbling and exciting Audience Award at our premier film festival, “Down the Fence” is now being featured on Netflix.  If you want to watch type in… Read more


The Adamski-Peek Team headed to Los Angeles for a multi day shoot for Allstate Insurance.   Allstate’s primary needs were for ultra, ultra wide lifestyle images for their website.   Producing such wide images seems easy—-shoot the hero shot and then shoot… Read more

New Balance Women FH17 Fall Winter Holiday 2017

Big Sur and Oakland for New Balance Women

Location, location, location……Big Sur has to hands down be one of the most beautiful spots on this earth, beautiful and rugged. Mother nature does not let you forget her presence for long in this wild area. Highway One was closed… Read more

NB Screenshot

Winter and Spring – All in One Shoot

When looking for scenic snow locations for New Balance Women the team came to the conclusion that there is almost no better place then my hometown of Park City, Utah, home to the “Greatest Snow on Earth”.      Although… Read more

What I have learnt about stock investing

There are several ways to approach stock investing, and that’s true even for seasoned investors. For one, the most popular method of investing in stocks is called the buy and hold strategy, which is pretty easy to do. In this… Read more

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 4.21.36 PM

Sierra Quitiquit for Fresh #SportYourSugar

Lori and team spent a couple of days hanging out and skiing with Sierra Quitiquit in Park City and Alta, Utah. The end result was a post from to Get Inspired by Amazing Athletes and #SportYourSugar.   Lori directed… Read more


Update from Down The Fence filming

Lori and part of the team recently made another visit to Reno, NV and the largest competition of the year, The 2015 Snaffle Bit Futurity, to catch up with the subjects of the”Down the Fence” documentary and to finish filming and continue… Read more


On Location for New Balance Women

We were out at it again with New Balance for Women recently, shooting the next editions of the recently launched catalog aimed directly at active women on the go! LAP and team traveled to Austin, TX and the far end… Read more


New work with New Balance Women

Earlier this year we told you that Lori and team were now working with New Balance on an exciting new project, and we can now share a bit more about that. New Balance recently released the first catalog targeted to women for… Read more

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 11.44.37 AM-2

Making Down the Fence-THE DRONE

  We added a new video to our website, part of our ongoing work on the documentary film Down The Fence and the short videos we have put together to promote the film. Patrick compiled the “crash reel” from the stunning… Read more


New Balance in Denver and Aspen

We recently finished an exciting new project with New Balance Women, shooting on location in Denver and Aspen, Colorado. Jam packed days were made easy thanks to an incredible group, filled with old friends and associates from previous productions as well… Read more


Stonewear Designs

Over the years Lori Adamski-Peek and team have been blessed to travel to some very remote and beautiful locations around the globe, often met with outstanding weather conditions that help whatever production we are on run smooth and be so… Read more

Body in studio with Ballet West dancer Beckanne Sisk

Ballet West Dancer

Just have to share an image I love. Becca is an amazingly talented dancer and so gorgeous. It was an honor to photograph her and some of the other Ballet West dancers.



Worth the read…..inspiring! At 90, She’s Designing Tech For Aging Boomers Barbara Beskind stands out in youth-obsessed Silicon Valley. She inspires designers at the IDEO firm to think about the needs of older generations: What if your glasses could help… Read more

Mia Love, UTAH, Congress woman, Saratoga Springs

On Assignment: Mia Love

Last month we had a chance to shoot Mia Love for People Magazine, who today is being sworn in to the House of Representatives and will become the first Black Republican Congresswoman-elect. It was a whirlwind shoot with her and… Read more

Stephen Curry for Degree

Stephen Curry for Degree

Coming up on half way through the NBA season, and we can’t be happier for one of our favorite subjects of 2014! Stephen Curry#30 and the Golden State warriors are off to an unbelievable start at 22-3, and look to be getting… Read more


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all and wishing everyone a wonderful 2015! It is truly a gift to be able to work with all of these amazing and talented people. A few people missing from the photo that are a huge part… Read more


Jimmy Graham for Degree

Excited to see some new work that we shot on location in Miami, FL in July with Degree Men and the New Orleans Saints star Tight End Jimmy Graham!   Degree Men Degree Men’s MOTIONSENSE® technology gives you 48 hours… Read more


Athleta Store Preview

Wow–big–one of our images on the new Athleta store in Manhattan. If any of you are in the Flatiron district snap a photo for us and send along:)


Down the Fence Movie on Kickstarter!

Check it out….here we go!!! A Sneak Peek and 2 Ways to Help Make Down the Fence Want to see a sneak peek of some of the amazing footage we’ve shot for Down the Fence? Well you’ll get to this… Read more

Clint Dempsey for Degree

Clint Dempsey for Degree

Leading up to the World Cup tournament that has been kicked off in Brazil, we at Adamski-Peek Photography got the chance to do some work with Degree men’s deodorant and shoot the USMNT captain and start forward, Clint Dempsey. It was… Read more

DTF kansas

Down the Fence Movie in Ashland, Kansas

The documentary journey is continuing. Our last shoot was in Ashland, Kansas. I had no idea Kansas was so beautiful and the people so welcoming. Amazing shoot. Down the Fence Taken during our recent shoot in Kansas. Photo by Lori Adamski-Peek… Read more

Athleta BTS

Check out some of the action from behind the scenes with some of our favorite clients! What a joy to travel and work with an amazing team out together by Athleta and Lori Adamski-Peek photography! Athleta added 22 new photos to… Read more

First Shoot of 2014

First shoot of 2014 On set in Hawaii with makeup wizard April Greeves. Photo courtesy Miss Beth Neesen.


Athleta Fall shoot, NZed

In late April we headed out again with our friends from Athleta to shoot more aspirational and inspirational images for their 2013 Fall line. The setting for these colorful autumn images was to be the south island of New Zealand,… Read more


Provenge, DDB

Early 2013 offered a chance to work with some of our favorite people out of DDB Toronto, Karen Ross and Tony Miller, on a project shooting stills alongside a television commercial production for a pharmaceutical product, Provenge. The shoot took… Read more


Athleta, Summer 2013 shoots

After a great Holiday break and end to 2012, Lori Adamski-Peek and crew jumped right back into the thick of things with another great production, shooting the Summer 2013 book for one of our favorites, Athleta. This years Summer shoots… Read more

Be a Sport

Thе Lаw Commission hаѕ recommended regulated gаmblіng and bеttіng іn sports, so that people can freely look at the FanDuel sportsbook and place their bets. In a detailed rероrt submitted to thе government on Thurѕdау, thе Cоmmіѕѕіоn has opined that… Read more


Snowbound in July

When you live in a place that’s buried under the snow for half the year, I can’t tell you how hard it is to pack and leave during one of the few months of summer. It’s even harder when the… Read more


Life Goes On

If you’ve explored this blog a bit, you already know that my crew and I get to do some really cool stuff for our job. So, it’s just an added bonus when a shoot is not just cool, but also… Read more

Shooting in Panama

Because fashion retailers have to prepare a full two seasons in advance, we often find ourselves shooting far across the planet, in a climate that’s the mirror opposite of our own temperate, Northern Hemisphere one. It’s pretty hard to get… Read more

Celebrating Girl Scout Cookie Season

I suspect I’m not alone for welcoming the month of March not for its whisper of warmth to come, nor for its sunny spring skiing, but really for that timeless American tradition: Girl Scout cookies. Each March, after having placed… Read more

Thailand Spectacular

One of my very favorite longtime clients is Athleta. Over the years, the team and I have traveled to some amazing places with Athleta, including a trip to Croatia last spring. This past fall, we packed up all the gear and… Read more


Shooting On Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

In my two-and-a-half decades working as an advertising and editorial photographer, I’ve been fortunate to shoot in some incredible locations ranging from Argentina, to Greece, to New Zealand, to Panama, to my own hometown of Park City, Utah. Last May,… Read more

High Impact Track & Field: A Personal Project

One of the things that hardest to do, and yet most rewarding, is taking time between commercial shoots to explore a personal project. And amid all the business of running a photography studio, it’s not something that happens often enough…. Read more

The wide world of sports betting –

Understanding Sports betting can be a great way to find good odds and to have fun too! Betting sports involves more than just sitting at the desk and betting. Many sports bettors like to keep in touch with other sports… Read more