Lori Adamski-Peek Photographer

First forays. Light was something I was taught to look for at a young age. My father, who loves traveling, was always pointing out beautiful light on our many road trips. In college, I was required to take a photography class as part of my major, and that was it, I instantly fell in love with looking thru the lens. I’ve been fascinated by the many characteristics of light ever since. 

Defining experience. Shooting my first of ten Olympics at age 24. It was both exhilarating and challenging. After that, I was well on my way to being unflappable during those crazy, unexpected moments that spring up during location shoots! 

Most memorable LAP moment. There have been so many times in my career when I’ve had to perform the pinch-myself-reality-check. Whether it’s shooting at an amazing location or working with a famous athlete or celebrity, there is just something magical about photography and capturing a moment in time. I’ll never regret my career choice (I think my parents might even be almost over the fact that I didn’t opt for their suggestion, dental hygienist).

Beyond the lens. My family and I fully enjoy the mountain lifestyle in Utah—which includes lots of skiing, hiking, riding, and yoga—and our two drooly dogs and two carrot-junky horses.

Extra credit. Video and film work. Due to a large amount of requests for motion in addition to still photography, I began working with video some time ago. The transition was so natural and I enjoyed it so much that we just finished the award winning film "Down The Fence", a full-length documentary film that is now being featured on Netflix.

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