Fernando Motion, Camera and Lighting

First foray into motion
 A friend of mine asked me if I could help him on a commercial he'd just been asked to direct. Neither of us had a clue as what to do so we spent two weeks holed up in his shop learning the basics and building a camera.
There was a bit of blood, lots of sweat (it was summer) but no tears (those are for sissies ;) but at the end, that one project was one of the most fun and completely unrestricted environments I've ever worked on. 
When it comes to my work, I've always liked to have things organized, and working with motion picture cameras is very much like working with Legos, the very expensive and temperamental kind.
Recently moved to Salt Lake City.  L.A. has been home for many years and I still love it/hate it but it is time to explore other cities and meet new and interesting people and continue doing that every few years, change can be scary but it also is exciting!

While living in SLC, I got invited to work on a documentary film (Down the Fence). I saw it as a perfect way to use all the previous experience that I had working on commercials. It became an interesting journey with sometimes little sleep and lots of coffee. In the end I met new awesome friends (both bipeds and quadrupeds), got to see beautiful scenery and got to share good times and good work with good friends.

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