Ben Fonnesbeck Digital Tech

First forays. Born into a family that rarely used more than a single roll of film in a year—often there would be two Halloweens or Christmases in the same batch of photos—I saved up for a $30 point-and-shoot to take on a Boy Scout trip, then subsequently went into debt on the processing charges.

Defining experience. Working as an intern in the White House Photography Office during the Clinton Administration. I was handed a first generation digital camera on loan from NASA and had to figure out how to use it to launch the new site 

Primary LAP duties. Taking care of all things technical and, as the unofficial team barista, keeping everyone sufficiently caffeinated.

Most memorable LAP moment. "That's like the time we were shooting in..."

Beyond the lens. I spend my free days chasing my wife and our two young children across Utah’s mountains and deserts by skis, truck, bike or motorcycle. My wife and I also enjoy traveling both with and without our pint-sized partners in tow.

Extra Credit. Research.  Endless research and trying new devices.

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